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How to Cook Channa Masala

Learn how to make channa masala from cookbook author Maya Kaimal in this Howcast Indian food video.


Our tomatoes are nice and soft, and it's time to add our chickpeas. I'm using canned. If you like to soak your beans and cook them from scratch that's great, but I find that canned is also good and really convenient. I'm going to add about a half cup of water and put this on high and get it really nice and hot. Then we're going to let it simmer for a little while.

What's really nice to do with this curry is when the chickpeas have cooked for a little while we're going to mash them up partially so there'll be some whole ones and some broken down ones. It gives it a really nice texture so that you could eat it with a flatbread which is really a typical way to eat a chickpea curry and you can easily scoop it up when it's partially mashed like that. This is going to be cooking for about roughly 10 minutes or so.

Okay, our chickpeas have simmered now for about 10 minutes with the tomato and spices. Now I'm going to take a potato masher and crush some of the chickpeas so we get a nice broken down texture. We're not going to mash the whole thing up because then that would just be like having dahl but we're going to get kind of a coarse mash on this.

This is the kind of dish where you may have to adjust the water depending on how hard you're boiling or how juicy your chickpeas are. It shouldn't dry out, you may need to add a little bit extra.

This is a pretty good consistency here. It should be a little bit loose like this. You see how that's kind of half mashed and half still whole chickpeas, that's ideal.

Okay. Now, our last ingredients are a little bit of lemon juice and some cilantro. I'm going to save a little bit for my garnish. Keep the heat on. I'll let it cook another minute or so.

Pour it in our bowl. Always nice to top it with a little fresh cilantro. So, here we have chana masala.

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