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How to Make Pappadam

Learn how to make pappadam from cookbook author Maya Kaimal in this Howcast Indian food video.


I’tm going to tell you about papadam or pappads. These are the lentil wafers that are made out of Urad Dal, which is a small white bean that is ground into a paste and rolled out into discs and then these are dried in the sun. They are called papadam in the south of India and pappads in North India. Papadam’ts should be a little bit flexible. This is something that happens, because they are sun-dried and they have a little give to them and they come in a bunch of different flavors. You can get them in plain like this, you can get them in black pepper, they come in cumin and they come in green chilly flavors and they come in different sizes too. You can get little minis and you can get. This is up along, this is a slightly different version which is South Indians, and a smaller, as you can see. And there’ts lots of different ways to cook them. In the north, they like to dry roast them and they come out, sort of like this where they get all little bit of nice toasty brown is to them, and in the south India, they like to fry them, and you can see, they really expand, they-they get quite a bit bigger when they are deep-fried. The way these are eager and is there often crunched up and crumbled over rice and mixed together with rice and Dal to create kind of really nice textured mixture to be done with curries.

In north India, where the food is milder. They prefer the spicier flavors and in south India where food is spicier, they prefer to eat plain papadam. Papadam is-is really easy to cook. You can cook it in a broiler or you can microwave it even cook it over a flame. You just need to turn it frequently and make sure not to scorch it or you can deep-fried it in oil and you have to act really quickly because it cooks within about 30 seconds. They are really fun to have. They also make a nice appetizer just set out with chutneys before serving the dinner.

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