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How to Do Woodworking with Robyn Mierzwa

Learn about Makeville Studio's Robyn Mierzwa, one of Howcast's woodworking experts, in this video.


My name is Robyn Mierzwa . I have been doing woodworking since I was a kid, and discovered the joy if it in my dad's shop in our basement. Ever since, I've been making things out of wood with a limited set of tools such as a jigsaw and a circular saw in my living room, all the way up to now with a full shop with a full range of woodworking machinery. Four years ago, I founded Makeville Studios in Brooklyn. It's a woodworking community shop as well as a school. We teach classes. We really focus on beginners here, and many of the people who come here are first-time woodworkers and are now making beautiful pieces of furniture. Whether it's a small project or a full-on piece of furniture, from beginner to expert, in our shop making beautiful pieces all the time.

In this series of videos, we're going to cover a variety of woodworking topics, mostly geared towards beginners, that will take you from the most basic skills and tools that you can use to some more advanced techniques and topics in woodworking.

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