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How to Deep Fry Pooris

Learn how to deep fry the Indian bread pooris from cookbook author Maya Kaimal in this Indian food video from Howcast.


Okay, we have out eight balls. And I'm going to use my Indian rolling pin, that I love, to roll these out, a little bit of flour. And I like this Indian style rolling pin a lot because it gives me a better feel for the thickness of the dough. So, I'm smashing out my ball by hand first, keeping a little flour handy. And then, just quarter-turn the disc. A little bit more flour here, so it doesn't stick. But, yeah, it's very, this kind of rolling pin is really sensitive.

You can tell just exactly how thick your dough is, which is nice. So...roll it...and you want to get, it's pretty thin, I would say. We're getting a little sticky here, so we need a little more flour, which is fine. Don't want too much flour; don't want it drying out. Just enough. Okay, you see how thick that is? Maybe a sixteenth of an inch. So, we'll roll them all out, and have them all done. And, then we'll start our frying. So the key to having them puff up properly is that you have them the right thickness, and that the oil be at the right temperature. So we're going for 350 degrees on our oil. And it looks like we're there. So, we're going to carefully stick one in, and then you want. This works great, this Chinese spider. So, we're going to push down on the disc to submerge it. See, now it's starting to puff up like a pillow, and we got the whole thing puffed up. So, let it cook a little bit more after puffing; flip it. Let it cook about 15 seconds or so.

And you're done. So they cook really quickly, once you get going, are a great fun thing to make when you're having people over. Just save the frying for the last minute, and they'll be really dramatic and puffy. And they will collapse a little bit, right before you serve them, but they're still absolutely delicious.

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