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How to Cook Green Beans Thoren

Learn how to cook green beans thoren from cookbook author Maya Kaimal in this Indian food video from Howcast.


Okay, now we're going to put in our two dried red chilies, and let those cook in that oil for a few seconds.

And now we're going to put in those nice fresh curry leaves, and they're going to splatter, so I need to put the lid on. Now this is a herb that's used in a lot of South Indian cooking, not so much in the north, but it's a kind of citrusy tasting herb. You can put it in Indian grocery stores, and it really adds a wonderful dimension to a curry. Now we're putting in some rice, this is raw long grain rice, and we're going to add that and let it cook until it turns white, so we know it's cooked. And this adds kind of a nice, crunchy quality to the curry. Okay.

Now we are ready to add our green beans. These are chopped small, as you can see, which is one of the trademarks of a thorn, it's always a very small cut vegetable that stir fried with a spiced coconut mixture. Now I get my heat on pretty high here, I'm going to mix that together, and this will take about maybe three minutes or so, until about the beans are about halfway cooked, and once we get to that point, then we'll add our coconut mixture. Okay, so I'm going to test these beans, and they're about half cooked, so it's time now to add our coconut and spice mixture, and our salt. And we're going to mix this together and let it cook for not very long, really about a minute or so to get the flavors to meld together. This is really a nice dish to make in the summertime, with mixing fresh corn in. You can use particularly with carrots, beets, you can even make it with finely chopped spinach, very versatile, very delicious, and relatively quick to make.

Okay, I like to take out the, I like to take out the garlic cloves, but I leave in the red chilies, I would take out the green chili too, can be a little bit surprising for someone who is not expecting it, but the red chilies are kind of, so we're going to plate this and this nice bowl. Okay, red chili on top, and we have green bean thorn.

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