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How to Maintain Proper Posture while Playing Drums

Learn how to maintain proper posture for playing drums from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


What I want to talk about now is proper posture behind a drum set. The most helpful place to start is which sitting on the stool. What you want to do is get comfortable, obviously, sitting in the direct center of the stool, and make sure that your legs are virtually a 90 degree angle, when you sit down. If you're more, almost standing up, it's probably going to be too high, and then if you're sitting too straight right from the beginning, you're going to be sitting too low.

You got to remember that your legs are going to be moving, so the way that you sit is obviously very important. Posture deals more with what's going on with the upper portion of your body, and if you feel like you sit up and pull everything back, what you're doing is putting strain and stress on your shoulders and the upper part of your back. So probably the most helpful thing to do is to think about a little bit of pressure right about your pants line, as if somebody is putting a little bit of pressure with their fingers on the lowest part of your back.

What that does is that it causes you to stick out your stomach a little bit more, but at the same time relax your shoulders, because the upper portion of your body, you need to be very flexible when you play with communication, with motion and movement, so you want to be relaxed, but at the same time sitting up straight. So that's typically what you want to think about with proper posture.

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