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How to Pick Drumsticks

Learn how to pick drumsticks from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


What I wanna talk about now is how to choose drum sticks. There are a variety of brand and sizes and weights. I use a company called the Vic Firth company and endorsed by them and there are other companies such as Zildjian, Vader, Regal Tip, and you'll see them as you go into the stores. I can't tell you which company to choose per se, however you'll find that there's a lot of different brands and models and sizes that are similar from company to company.

I would say your most common sizes are 7A, a 5A, a 5B, and a 2B. Now, 7A are typically a thinner stick, and moving up from there you've got a 5a, which is a little bit bigger, slightly longer. This, what I'm using here, is a 5B. It's a little bit thicker and could be a little bit longer than a 7A. And then a 2B, which is a little bit heavier than this. You'll also find an assortment of signature drum sticks in the store. Signature drum sticks are sticks created by players that are more household names that design their own sticks. So they're all different sizes, shapes, and forms. They design them for the consumer to try out. But the standard ones that I spoke about, the 7A, the 5A, the 5B and the 2B are the ones that are gonna be more generalized for the beginning player.

Also, you have different materials, like the type of lacquer that's on the stick. There's a shiny lacquer, this is more of like a flat, matte, more of a feel, a natural they call it, which is something I like a little bit more. And the best thing to do is just to pick 'em up, feel 'em out, see what's a good weight, see what's a good feel, and go from there.

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