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How to Hold Your Drumsticks

Learn how to hold drumsticks from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


Now I wanna talk about how the proper way to hold the drum stick is and what we call the grip. In my hand here I have a key and all of you have opened up a car door, or key to your house. Basically what you wanna do is think about the way you grip a key.

You hold the key between your two fingers here, and your other fingers line up under the key and that's typically a grip for a drum stick, alright. What you would basically do is take the key out, grab the drum stick, and have virtually the same grip. Now, depending on where you are with your drumming, we move the fingers around slightly a little bit, sometimes this finger comes up a little bit more, but regardless, it's mainly the thumb and the pointer finger that are roughly across from each other and all the other fingers line up. The drum stick has a center point right here and then what we call a fulcrum point which is the balance point, which is about an inch back from there, and that's where the stick basically balances.

And then if you go another inch back from there, that's about where you wanna put your thumb, which happens to be on Vic Firth sticks, the American flag right there and they give you a good place to, sort of, put your thumb. So, you would hold them similar in both hands, which we call match grip, as they match each other. And there is another grip called traditional grip, which we'll talk about and get into at another time. However, this is a match grip.

And then when you sit in front of the drum set, the posture is all set and the grip that you have basically allows you to create what's called the triangle, where the tips of the sticks come together, creates a triangle with your body, you set it down in the snare, and that's basically a good starting point with holding the sticks and grip.

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