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What Is a Fulcrum in Drumming?

Learn what a fulcrum point is from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


Now I wanna talk about fulcrum when we're talking about gripping the stick. The stick basically has its center point right here, but when you're hold them in the center, the back end of the stick falls because of the heavier weight on this side of the stick. If you go about an inch back from there, you get what's called the balance point of the stick and the balance point is where the sides of the stick are equal in weight. And if you go an inch back from there, that is what we call the fulcrum.

Now, on the Vic Firth brand, there's an American flag, and that is a good point to stick your thumb and your forefinger across from it, and that'll give you that grip back again. The fulcrum is the area of the stick you wanna grab, so that when you start to play, you have a good motion and a balance point and the stick is free to move in your hand and the weight of the stick here is even and there's not any area of the stick where it's too light or too heavy.

And that's a good point where you want to hold the stick. One of the most important things about the fulcrum also is not to grip too tight. You wanna have enough of a grip on it where you're not losing the stick, but at the same time you're holding it just enough where it pivots in your hand on that fulcrum.

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