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How to Develop the Fulcrum while Drumming

Learn how to develop the fulcrum from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


As you know, drumming is a very physical instrument and you may experience fatigue in your hands or your muscles. Some people actually experience pain, which is not good, but most of it's going to be fatigue. And, developing a fulcrum, or developing the muscles for your fulcrum is something that's really important. Just to reiterate, a fulcrum is the point of the stick where you're holding it, which is about an inch back from the balance point of the stick, which is about an inch back from the center of the stick, where you grab the stick.

As I grab the stick, you may notice that some of my muscles in my hand begin to flex as I pinch harder. Now again, you don't necessarily want to pinch as hard as you possibly can. You wanna have a light grip, enough where you're holding onto the stick and it's not sliding around, but not too much where you're really grabbing it and white knuckling the stick here. So, as long as you're holding it comfortably on the fulcrum, you're in good shape, but it is helpful to develop some of the muscles.

Some of the muscle groups that you wanna work on developing is right in this area of the hand, where if you pinch your thumb and forefinger together and you sort of just keep working that, you'll get that to flex a little bit more and that will increase the speed and the ability of creating a more comfortable fulcrum. And also, the areas of the forearm underneath the forearm here is where you flex your hand and where you move the muscles that create the fingers to move. So building up some of the muscles here and some of the muscles here will allow you to eliminate fatigue and create you to have a better and a stronger fulcrum.

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