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How to Play a Full Stroke while Drumming

Learn how to play a full stroke from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


The full stroke is basically a stroke that starts from a certain position and ends back up at that same position. So, we're gonna start in the air, sort of almost around the tip being near your face, and you're gonna strike the snare drum and come back up to that position. And what you wanna attempt to use is a stroke that requires three muscle groups, mostly the arm in this case, a little bit of the wrist, and even a little bit of fingers in there, so you have a little bit of all motion together. I'll do a slower full stroke at first, and then I'll speed it up and play it around the drums so you can see it. Little faster now. And around the drums.

What you're aiming to do is you're trying to pull the sound out of the drums to get a full sound and not drive the stick into the drum to choke it off. Now there are different strokes involved in drumming that involve lesser tonal aspects. However, in this case with the full stroke and where you wanna start, is to really try working on pulling that sound out to begin with.

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