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How to Stretch before Drumming

Learn how to stretch before drumming from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


It's important to warm up and get ready to play so that you avoid any issues when you're playing the drums like bodily problems and pain, so on and so forth. It's good to warm up on a drum pad and get yourself ready. But probably the best thing to do is to start with some drumming stretches to get your body warmed up to play. You can start with some hands stretches or some finger stretches. A good place to start is to put your hands together like this, bring your elbows up, and maybe even perhaps move your fingers from side to side like this and really hold them in place.

One of the important things about stretching is to hold in place wherever you stretch to. And not to stretch your muscles at a really fast rate. Your muscles are like rubber bands and you don't really want to pull them fast. Another way to stretch is with the drumstick itself. I'll give you two drumsticks stretches. If you hold your hand straight out like this and you grab the end of the stick with this hand and push up with this portion of your arm like your elbow or the forearm and you hold it there you're really stretching out your whole arm in that respect. It's mostly the underside of your arm, so if you wanna get the opposite side of your arm what you would do is you now take the stick directly in front of you like this, grab the tip and pull it straight down. And now you're getting the above portion of your arm, the forearm the elbow and even the shoulder. And the important thing again is that you make sure you push or pull gently on the stick as to not really flex your muscles too much right away. And the hold is important too. And when you release you just bring it back slowly. Maybe shake got your hands a little bit. And you should be ready to play.

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