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What Is the Bass Drum?

Learn about the bass drum from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


I'd like to talk to you about the bass drum now and that's the large drum that sits on the floor. The bass drum comes in a variety of different sizes and it also depends on the style of music you're playing in. This is a standard size bass drum for, normally for Rock genre. This is 22 inches in diameter around and 18 inches deep. The larger size is gonna give you a more well-rounded and fuller sound than you would get with a smaller drum.

Typically the bass drum sizes range from about 18 inches diameter to 20 inches to 22 and even up to 24 and even larger than that, but the 18 to 24 range is about your normal size range. The bass drum is made up of a shell, standard long shell here, and it has rims that you see here, that hold the bass drum head in place. Now there are two heads. There's the front side head and the back side head. The back side head is closer to you, and the front side head faces the audience. In addition, inside the bass drum, often times you'll find that you might wanna use some muffling. The muffling device, like a blanket, or a pillow, is gonna deaden the sound a little bit so that it doesn't open up too much.

Although in the Jazz genre, when you have a smaller drum, you're gonna want it to be a little more open or a little bit more loose in sound and higher pitch. Normally for the Rock genre, we're gonna pitch it real low and for the Jazz genre, we're gonna bring it up real high, depending on what style of music you're playing.

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