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How to Play "Heel-Up" Technique on the Drums

Learn how to play the "heel up" bass drum / hi-hat technique from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


This technique I'm going to use on the pedals is called heel up technique. Now keep in mind you're dealing with two pedals here. You're dealing with a high hat pedal and you're also dealing with the bass drum pedal. The heal up basically is exactly what it says which is your heels are off the ground and you're striking both of the pedals with a the full movement of your leg. So when you're in resting position, what you're basically doing is you're resting on the balls of your feet and putting pressure on the area of your feet so that the high hat symbols are depressed or together and the bass drum beater, which is this area of the bass drum title here, is pressed against the bass drum head. It's not off the bass drum head.

So when you're in a resting position, your heels are off the ground and you're depressed on both pedals. When you strike the pedals what it looks like is that your entire leg is going to come up briefly off of the pedal and strike down directly into the pedal. For the high hat pedal It's going to look and sound something like this.

[play drum]

And for the bass drum pedal it's going to look and sound something like this.

[plays drum]

You can use this technique together and this is an how idea of how that might sound.

[plays drum]

Heel up technique is best for not only volume but the positioning of where your feet end up. And because of the fuller sound that you get from both the high hat and your bass drum, heal up technique with both feet is more standard in the style of rock than anything else.

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