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How to Play a Closed Hi-Hat on a Drum Set

Learn how to play a closed hi-hat from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


There are different ways that you can play on top of a high hat cymbals. The most standard way you can play from a grove stand point is with a closed high hat, and that is when your high hat pedal id depressed by your left leg or your high hat leg and the cymbals are together and normally what you would do is play on the edge of the high hat right here with the cymbals together. It's kind of common to see the bottom cymbal hang out underneath the top cymbal a little bit, don't be alarm if you see that. You're gonna normally just play with the cymbals together, you put a little bit of weight on your left foot. You would use normally a heel up technique to put a little pressure on the toe portion of your foot which depresses the cymbals together pretty strong.

When you play on the high hat you’re gonna play on the edge, you're gonna go for a tight sound. It's gonna sound and looks something like this. There's also ways to play on a tight high hat on the top portion of the high hat with the tip of the stick and that would sound and looks something like this. The top portion of the high hat is gonna give you a softer more even sound whereas the edge of the high hat is gonna allow you to have stronger accent sound that could really get over the top of the music a little bit more.

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