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How to Play the Seven-Stroke Roll on the Drums

Learn how to play the seven-stroke roll from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


In the series of rolled rudiments, you're going to experience a variety of different numbers, like a five stroke roll, six stroke roll, and so on.

This is an example of a seven stroke roll, and much like a five stroke roll, it's an example of a roll that you can split the number in half and round up to the next number, to give you an indication of how many motions by your arms you can do in this roll to make it right. If you take the number seven and you divide it in half, you're left with three and a half, and if you round it up to the next number, you get four, that creates you to have four motions with your arms.

And this roll does not alternate, it begins on your right or your lead hand, ends on your left hand, and will restart again on your right hand, right left right left, or one two three four. And again, much like the five stroke roll, your first series of notes are going to be the rolled portion, and you're going to tap the last stroke. So an example of a double stroked seven stroke roll will sound like this. It'll also be helpful to maybe lead off your right hand, and eventually go back and practice it leading with your left hand as well, to strengthen both sides of your body. Just as well, you can go back and buzz this rudiment, so what you would do is you would buzz or close your roll for the first three motions, and then tap the last one. It would sound like this.

So just remember the seven stroke roll, three motions and a tap at the end, and whatever type or roll, open or close you want to play, you're doing the right amount of motions to create that seven stroke roll.

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