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How to Play the Nine-Stroke Roll on the Drums

Learn how to play the nine-stroke roll from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


The nine stroke roll is another rudiment in the series of roll rudiments. And much like the five and the seven, you can take that number and divide it in half and round it up to the next number which will allow you to determine how many motions there are in this roll.

So if you take nine and divide it in half, you're talking about four and a half. Round it up and that creates five motions.

Again, like the five stroke and the seven stroke roll, the roll requires you to roll either with doubles or buzzes through the first portion of the roll, the first four strokes. And then you tap on the last portion.

I'm gonna do an example right now of the double stroked version of the nine stroke roll which is the first four motions being doubled and tapping on the last one.

Now I'm gonna take those first four motions, buzz them, or play them closed, and then tap the last one.

And here's the closed version.

So remember for the nine stroke roll you have the five motions from the arms, the first four motions being rolled and the last one being tapped, in both the double stroke version and the buzz stroke version.

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