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How to Play the Flamacue on the Drums

Learn how to play the flamacue from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


In the series of flam rudiments, you're going to experience a rudiment called a rudiment flam cue. It's a little bit more convoluted than a standard flam, it's got more notes in, and it actually has five notes in total and it alternates.

What you're going to do is that your first note is going to start off with a flam, and your immediate second note is going to be an accent. It's going to be four sixteenth notes followed by a tap, one ee and a two, three ee and a four. Your first note is flam, your second note is accented, your third and fourth notes are normal taps, and your last note is flam again. So if I start with a right flam, which is my right stick up, left stick close to the snare, I flam this my next note with the left hand as accented, and then I follow through and end with a flam. It will sound something like this.

Now just the same on the left side, you'll start with a left flam, but this time your right hand will be accented. It'll sound like this. And when you finally put them together to alternate it'll sound something like this. So just remember a flam cue is a single flam in the beginning, followed by an accent, and ending with a flam on the same side that you started with, and then eventually alternating to the other side of your body as well.

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