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How to Play the Triple Paradiddle on the Drums

Learn how to play the triple paradiddle from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


A triple para diddle is the third diddle rudiment in the grouping of rudiments for that. So you'd start first with a single para diddle. Followed by a double para diddle. And now a triple para diddle. And if you've studied the term diddle, you're talking about a double, which means two strokes in a row on one hand. The way the triple para diddle would work is you have triple, or three groupings of single notes. Right left, right left, right left. Followed by a double. Right right. Right left right left right left right right. And then you'd play it on the opposite side. Left right left right left right left left.

Again, this does alternate. You're leading on one side, followed by the lead on the other side. And back and forth. This one you're going to accent in the beginning of each single grouping. So it'll be right left, right left, right left, right right. Left right, left right, left right, left left. I'll play it slow. Speed it up so you can hear it in time. [pause]

As with single para diddles or double para diddles, the triple para diddles can be played with or without accents. Either the accents you heard, or with every note at the same volume. Either loud, or real soft. Either way, remember that the triple para diddle starts with your strong hand. Does three sets of single note groupings. Right left, right left, right left. Followed by a diddle. Diddle, or right right. And then flips over to the opposite side to alternate on the left side. So that you can complete the entire rudiment.

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