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How to Play the Flam Paradiddle on the Drums

Learn how to play the flam paradiddle from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


This rudiment would fall in line with a list of combination rudiments, which is called the flam paradiddle. It's a combination of a flam mixed with a paradiddle.

Now, a flam itself is when you have the right stick starting or your strong hand starting, and that is raised up in the air whereas your other stick is close to the snare drum. And what happens is you strike the first note as a flam, and you complete the next four notes, or really, the next three notes, as paradiddle sticking. Paradiddle sticking is a right-left, right-right, followed by a left-right, left-left. And they alternate. Now, because of the flam, what you're doing is you're dropping a flam on the first of each grouping. Sp it would be flam-a-diddle, flam-a-diddle.

Now, if you ever run across the term in drumming "diddle," D-I-D-D-L-E, it basically means double or to hit something twice in a row. So it would be like right-left-right-right, left-right-left-left. And it would look something like this.

So again, just remember, paradiddles are right-left-right-right, left-right-left-left, and the flam paradiddle is dropping the flam itself on the beginning of each grouping to alternate on both sides of your body.

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