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How to Play Lesson 25 on the Drums

Learn how to play Lesson 25 from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


I'm now going to cover a rudiment for you called Lesson 25, and that is not a mistake. It is actually called Lesson 25. It is the 25th rudiment in all that is covered on the list of rudiments. That is why they call it that. It is a rudiment that starts with an open drag, and it's followed by three single notes and an accent on the last note. It alternates sticking, but it doesn't alternate the lead hand. Once you practice on your strong side, you should probably go back and practice it on the opposite side, or your weak side.

I'm going to play it for you slow, which requires basically a double drag on one side and then a right-left-right with an accent on the last note. I'll play it slow, and then I'll speed it up for you.

Once again, remember this rudiment does not alternate so once you're done practicing on your strong side, make sure to go back and flip it around and practice on your weak side to really balance out your body.

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