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How to Play the Double Ratamacue on the Drums

Learn how to play the double ratamacue from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


If you've studied a ratamacue, you're talking about a rudiment that requires you to drag your weak stick before a set of four notes and an accent at the end. Well a double ratamacue is actually an extra drag before the initial drag before the four notes. So it's going to be a drag, a drag, and four notes with an accent at the end.

You're going to set up where your strong stick is up in the air and your weak stick is toward the snare drum head. And we're going to play this open at first, where the drag will be two notes, two separate open notes. And there's going to be two drags followed by the four notes and the accent at the end. I'm going to alternate, and I'll take it slow and move it up a little faster. And it'll sound like this.

As with most of the rudiments, we could also play this closed, where you buzz the dragged portion of the ratamacue and just closing those notes a little bit. And again, this will alternate. It'll sound like this.

Just remember, a double ratamacue contains a standard ratamacue with an extra drag at the beginning of the entire grouping. Remember to alternate, and remember to accent each last note.

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