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How to Play the Triple Ratamacue on the Drums

Learn how to play the triple ratamacue from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


If you've studied a ratamacue before, we're talking about the drag notes before a series of four notes, and an accent at the end. And if you've studied the double ratamacue, it adds an extra drag to that set of notes. Well the triple ratamacue adds yet another drag. So you have a drag, a drag, and a ratamacue [makes sound]. And just like the other series of ratamacues you're gonna start with your strong hand up, as if you're setting up for a flam or a drag. You're going to drag your weak stick. And then you're gonna go through the series of notes, accenting the last note, and then finally alternating. I'll play this open, and you'll hear how it sounds slow, and move it up faster.

As with your other ratamacues you can play this version closed or buzzed. Where you use your drag hand as a buzz stroke rather than an open stroke. I'll start it slow, and I'll speed it up.

So just remember, if you're playing a triple ratamacue you're talking about adding another drag onto the series of notes that were either a single ratamacue, or a double ratamacue. Drag, drag, ratamacue. Then accent on the last note, and alternating.

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