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3 Tips for Playing a Drum Solo

Learn some drum solo tips from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


Drum solo tips could range anywhere from something really simple to something really busy. I think what would be a good suggestion for all of you thinking about drum solo tips is to listen to some of the best drummers out there that partake in longer style solos.

Drummers from anywhere from the band Rush, like Neil Peart, up to John Bonham from Led Zeppelin. And even a lot of jazz drummers. Elvin Jones and Tony Williams. To get an idea of what they would do in a situation like a jazz jandra or like a rock jandra or something that would be an open drum solo. There's so many different ways you can go about this.

Another thing to think about is how developed your hands are and how developed your feet are or your hand to foot coordination. To sort of build up your library of things to play in a solo. Or things to play over the top of a band.

There's so many different ways and approaches you can take with this. But just starting with some theory concepts would be good to lead you to the right direction.

I'm gonna just give you an idea now of something you could just start with basically to get an audience into what you're doing and just feel what you're doing. A good idea is to start with maybe just four quarter notes on the base drum and to play a little bit on your floor tom or play around your toms a little bit. Just to get them involved with what you're feeling and what you're doing. And just to kind of give them the idea that you're not just playing a standard groove anymore. You're now outside the box a little bit and playing something that would highlight the drummer a little bit more.

What I'm gonna do is just start with some four quarter notes and play a rhythm on the floor tom. Move around the toms a little bit and give you an idea of where to start. One, two, three, four.

[Playing drums]

And again, just do some research and some listening and some background on some of these drummers and some different styles to see what will influence you in your playing situation.

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