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4 Tips for Rock Band Drummers

Learn four rock band drum tips from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


I'm going to give you some tips about playing in a rock band. There are so many different approaches you could take with the type of rock that you are trying to play, whether it's pop rock, hard rock, metal, progressive rock, or whatever it might be.

One of the important things is to try to play for the music. Try to be a member of the band, and not just a solo instrument. People start to overplay or play extraneous parts. It sort of separates you from the music.

Another important thing is that a lot of rock drummers get criticized for not having enough good time, grooving, and feel. It's important that when you get your patterns down, after having studied drums for a while, that you work on things like technique and getting some dimension into your playing, so that you will have groove and feel for the music. Remember, your parts has to suit the music. It is not there just to suit a drummer.

Another important tips is how to develop a good sound for yourself, when you're playing rock or are in a rock band. You don't want to get up and just start playing and thrashing away at the drums. You want to make sure you're hitting them the right way. You want to analyze how you're hitting the hi hat. Are you hitting it half-open, or tight? Is it fitting the music? You want to see if you're hitting rim shots, which is that rim in the middle of the snare, at the same time, or you're missing it, and being inconsistent.

You have to remember that when you record, you have to be consistent with how you play, and be really even with your time and your sound.

You want to think about things your foot technique. Are you playing heel up or heel down? In a rock situation, you want to play heel up to really drive into the drum and get that sound.

Just remember tips such as playing with good time, having good feel, having good sound, and also fitting the music first before you fit your parts.

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