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Pros & Cons of Electric Drums

Learn the pros and cons of electric drums from drum teacher Jason Gianni in this Howcast drum video.


A lot of people ask about the pros and the cons of electronic drums and whether or not you should stick with an acoustic set or buy an electric set. I think a lot of it depends on your situation. Oftentimes, you have people who buy an electric set instead of an acoustic set because the acoustic drums are too loud.

It's good to do research on exactly what you want from that, because there are different types of electric kits that have different makeups or different surfaces. A very common, lower end electronic kit you're going to see has black rubber heads. You have upper end kits that have mesh heads that are a little bit softer, and they have a little bit more advancement in the trigger system which is the system that triggers the sounds that come out of the drums.

I would say that the leader in the electronic drum department would be the Roland V-Drums. The V-Drums are made up of a few different configurations and sizes of their drums, but contain these white mesh heads that are a little bit softer and a little bit easier to play, and they have real rims like a real drum and they're cut in half about this wide so that they feel like and seem like you're playing a real drum. Yamaha, and Ddrum, and a couple of other companies make electronic drum sets all of which are good. So it's good to try out some and see what works well for you.

There's also an advantage of the electronic versus the acoustic sound situation where some people like an acoustic sound a little bit better. Where others like the ease of an electronic sound and how you can plug them direct into a computer or a computer program which can make it easier to program music, or program rhythms, or program anything you'd like into a newer computer system.

You also want to take a look at what works for you as far as transportation. Some people feel that breaking down an acoustic set over and over again is a little bit tedious and heavy to lift wherever you're going. Whereas an electronic set could be easy if you color code the wires, or work them where they plug in easier and you could just unplug them and bring it almost in one or two carries and bring it into your gig or to a recording session that you have.

But you'd have to try out some different things and work with an electronic kit, perhaps at a store or on a gig, first, before you decide what's right for you.

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