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How to Do a Bronx Accent

Learn how to do a Bronx accent from voice and speech coach Andrea Caban in this Howcast video.


There are lots of different kinds of people that live in the Bronx, which makes it such an amazing place. So, we're going to zero in on a sort of Puerto Rican flavor to this Bronx accent.

There's a lot of lip corner tension, and the tongue is high in the back of the mouth. Ah sounds become dipthongs, so there's two elements to them. They become 'Awh,' so law, thought, cost become 'lawh, thawht, cawhst.' Try this fritz. I thought this was happening, but basically, it's not happening. I 'thawht' this was happening, but 'basicilly', it's not happening. You hear that little Latin flavor, very fast tip of the tongue.

That 'th' sound definitely does turn to a d in phrases like the Bronx, da Bronx instead of the Bronx. So, what's the musicality of this accent? It's a very fast accent, you get some New York flavors, and you also get some Spanish as a first language flavor too. There's lots of fun variety in this accent, and there's a lot of musicality, a lot of pitch variation. But go listen to some native Bronx speakers, and crawl into the language that way.

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