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How to Make Sushi Rolls for a Child's Bento Box

Learn how to make bite size sushi rolls for a child's Japanese bento box in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


What we are going to show you today, it's a sushi roll for a kid's bento. We have this beautiful bento box with two compartments. One of them is going to be reheatable in the microwave. We have some brown rice, some steamed vegetables and a hardboiled egg. And this is the type of bento box that I like to do for kids because they are very healthy for school. The first tier of the first compartment of the bento box we have some beautiful fruits.

They have to be very colorful so the kids are very happy to eat it. And Koshisan is going to serve them some very hot food and nice and healthy sushi roll for kids. He's having a bamboo mat to roll it up. He places the nori on top and after he wets the tip of his fingers so the rice isn't going to stick, he's placing the rice on top of the nori. Previously he made a nice julienne of carrots. And now he is rolling it up making sure that the rice or the carrot doesn't come out of the roll. Now as you see he's tidying up the roll. He's tidying it up.

Can give you the nice shape that he's looking for. So now we let it sit up for 30 minutes so it sits and the nori sticks well so now Koshisan is going to cut it. It can be cut into 6 pieces, 8 pieces I believe for sushi kids because for sushi kits, I like to cut it very small so he doesn't have to chew that much. So you can see the beautiful color of the nori on the outside, the rice and the carrots. So, as you see, the sushi doesn't touch the fruits. We cut this little strip off of it so that they're not touching each other. And the way that we finish it, or we pack it, we put a color on top of this part which is going to be the one that is going to be reheatable in the microwave.

It goes on top of the cold compartment. The color on top so it doesn't open. We have the beautiful bento part in this trap so it doesn't come out and as Koshi showed you that is a sushi for kid's bento box.

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