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How to Put Together a Bento Box for Kids

Learn the best foods to put into a child's Japanese bento box in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


So I'm going to show you how to prepare a bento box for kids. I just use this one, the green one as you see, because it has a cover and it has two compartments, one which is microwavable. It can be re-heated for one minute. And here we're going to put the rice [??] rice. And you need to have rice. And here we are going to end up with the sushi and some fruits and pickled vegetables.

One of the principles of the bento box is to use the leftovers from the night before. So I'm going to put some brown rice in the bottom. I'm going to put half of it because the other half of it already actually boiled and cooked in salty water, some vegetables. Then I'll put in some salt. The salt adds in with the color and it really gets and it adds flavor with the salt.

So, as you see, the rice in this case, I use brown rice. I'm going to use some [??] of furikake, which is going to give it a little bit of flavor and also has a great color. Just a little bit on top of the rice. And then I'm going to use some of the vegetables that I already cooked. And I already cut in like really nice shapes, so it's very appetizing for kids. I start with the zucchinis. I have like really nice green beans. The snap peas.

This one, I already cut it with one cookie cutter that you can get in any kitchen store. I'm going to put some sweet potatoes. Also, I cut it with a spoon called noisette, which is to make balls. I'm going to end up with half of a hard-boiled egg. So, as you see, this is the part that's going to be heat up. Now we are going to start with the other part, which is going to be eaten cold. So I start cutting a few strips of bamboo leaves. In this case, we can do some aluminium foil or any type of material to separate the ingredients of the cold stuff.

So we're going to start introducing the sushi that Kojisan already previously did for us. This is sushi bites for kids, and it's very easy to eat. It's just one bite, and it's very pleasurable to eat. We have tuna, hamachi, salmon, and Kojisan did one with carrots. So the sushi is in. We're going to use another piece of bamboo leaf to separate it from the rest.

And now I'm going to work a little bit with, as you see, some fresh vegetables that I pickled with [??]. I'm using some herb radishes, just two pieces of carrots. I pickled beautiful shittake mushrooms. I did like a nice star on it. Just remember that we need to make the food very pleasable looking for kids to eat.

And then we're going to put in the third compartment. In the third part of the co-compartment, we're going to use some fresh fruits. As you see, we have beautiful berries. I'm going to use some of the berries. These ones are beautiful, called yamamomo, which is 'peach mountain' in Japanese. It comes already in like a syrup served from Japan. Some gooseberries, pineapple. And I mean, this part you can use any type of fruit that you have in your shed or anything that you want to use.

And now I'm going to end up a little bit with some nashi pears, which are basically my favorite ones. We cut five strips. And as you see, the top part, that is going to be hot. The second part, which you have pickles, fresh fruits, sushi bites. And there you go, a bento box for kids.

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