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How to Put Together an Easy Bento Box

Learn how to put together an easy Japanese bento box in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


So, we're going to put like a (?) box. Basically, the great thing about
this is we can use the leftovers from the night before, as a quick method
to put something together. I'm going to choose this one, which is a small.
It's an easy way to count the calories, how much we're going to eat. It
has two compartments. One is going to be for the food that we are going to
receipt(?). Basically, I like to use any type of proteins in this part.
This compartment is going to be for anything that we are not going to eat
cold. As I said the good thing about (?) boxes is we can use any leftover.
And, this way we can see what we eat, and also work on being very economic
as well.

So, I'm going to start with the top part. I have some rice that we
previously used. I'm going to put half of it, so I get a little bit of the
aroma of the vegetables. And, then I start with vegetables. Vegetables, I
boil them for like one minute in salt water. We have beautiful bock choy
hearts, green beans, some sweet potatoes that I pat with a special type of
spoon which is called (?), and some carrots. And, this is going to be the
part that we are going to heat up. In this case, I could show you
different dishes that we do today. Instead of the rice and the vegetable
and something very (?), we can use this one, which is teriyaki, or chicken
teriyaki on top of that, with some sesame seeds and chives.

This is our bamboo leaves, and I use it to separate every little thing that
we eat. So we can tuck three different things in this compartment. (?)
made some sushi pieces, that we are going to use. We are going to put just
part of them. A piece of bamboo, some pickles, we have some red radishes,
nice Shitake mushrooms, beautiful carrots, zucchini, and some celery,
another piece of bamboo so we separate.

And, in this third compartment, we can put something sweet. It can be some
marshmallows, a piece of chocolate. I'm adding some fresh fruits; some
gooseberries, blackberries, and a strawberry - cut it in four pieces, (?) a

Remember that it is always really nice to look good inside the box. And we
are going to finish it with some (?) pears.

So, this is how our (?) box. Easy to put together; some brown rice, some
vegetable leftovers, and then some tuna sushi, pickles, vegetables and

So the key to the (?) box is: One is to eat economically, one is to use
all of the leftovers

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