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How to Pick a Bento Box Style

Learn how to choose a Japanese bento box style in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


So, we covered three different types of Bento Boxes. We begin with this one that are for kids. We have to make sure that there are Bento Boxes for kids to eat at lunch. We have a starch, a protein, and this one we can see we have some fruit.

On the side, we can see this one is more for a lady, for lunchtime at the office with some vegetables, steamed vegetables, brown rice, fruit, some pickles, and sushi rolls. Always keep in mind that the good thing about Bento Boxes is that we are using the leftover from the night before. Then, comes this beautiful Bento Box that they are used in classic Thai cuisine. Also, they are really good for any type of formal dining, in restaurants or in houses. We see on this site, it’s with a more sleek format. This is one that comes with only two compartments, it's microwaveable and it can be used for a man to go to the office and bring home some food.

This one, for my taste is a little bit small, but can be used for a snack. The great things I love Bento Boxes is that we use leftover food very economically and we can used it for dinner setups and something very formal, or also to bring some food to the office, to school, or a picnic.

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