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How to Make Ribeye Anticuchos for Your Bento Box

Learn how to make the Peruvian street food ribeye anticuchos for your Japanese bento box with the recipe in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


We're going to do Rib eye Anticuchos with Aji Panca Sauce. This is a Peruvian recipe.

To make this recipe, we need rib eye, some skewers, I'm using these beautiful bamboo ones. And then, aji panca, which can be found in any Latin market.

I'm going to start cutting the meat. I'm going to do about two ounces per skewer. I'm going to cut it into cubes so it cooks faster. This is my meat.

I'm going to use two skewers. We have to be careful when we introduce the stick into the meat so we don't hurt ourselves. One more piece.

So we have two pieces of skewered meat or anticucho, and we are going to begin with our sauce.

For the sauce, or vinaigrette dressing, we are going to use some aji panca paste. This can also be found dry. One spoon. It's not necessary to use it in the recipe. It depends on the palate of the chef if he wants to use it. Always remember that it needs to have aji panca and acidity. In this case I'm going to use some lime juice.

Oil, and some of the classic Peruvian condiments. In this case, I'm going to use some cumin. The ratio of acidity to oil is always one to two, so one part acidity and two parts oil. This is going to be about one tablespoon. We are going to add some cumin. Just a tiny bit of it.

Some black pepper. Some salt, and we're going to a mince garlic clove. We're mincing garlic. I'm just cutting half of the clove into really thin slices. Mince. This is by preference. I love garlic, so I usually put a little more than it's supposed to be. Perfect. This is going to be perfect. I think I'm going to add just a little bit more of lemon juice. Just a tiny bit more.

I'm going to add the olive oil now. If you have a hand blender, you can emulsify it. That depends on your taste.

Start whisking, adding the olive oil. It's going to emulsify a little bit because of the paste.

I'm going to add a little more cumin. A little more salt, and this is going to be our sauce for the anticuchos.

So now, a little bit of sea salt on top. A little bit of black pepper, and we're going to go to the stove to cook it.

This is medium heat. The griddle is hot. This is a great recipe to do in the summertime, outside in the barbeque. You don't need forks.

This is going to be cooking around two minutes, let's say a minute on each side, and it's starting to be done.

So these skewers are already done. I cook anticuchos medium rare. As you can see, it has a beautiful color. Golden brown on all of the sides.

We're going to serve it, but so that we don't serve it on a plate like that, we're going to serve it with just a little bit of a green salad. It depends on the time of year. We can do it with some mashed potatoes and corn.

I'm going to use some cherry tomatoes. It has a really nice, sweet flavor. A quick vinaigrette as well. Some lemon juice. I forgot about the greens. Salt, extra virgin olive oil. I recommend that you always use a good one. And we mix. This is the side dish for the anticuchos. We have different types of leaves, lola rosa, frisse, some radicchio, and some arugula.

The anticuchos, and some of the aji panca sauce that we just made. Finish it up with a little bit of sea salt on top.

And this is our Rib eye Aji Panca Anticuchos. Enjoy.

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