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How to Make Rice for Your Bento Box

Learn how to make Japanese rice for your bento box in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


We are going to show how make a Japanese traditional dish, which is called kamameshi. There's two different kinds of rice that you can use. Genmai, which is brown rice. It takes a little bit longer to cook, but the flavor has kind of, like a, nutty flavor, and is healthier, and regular sushi rice.

So we're going to start cutting the mushrooms. These are beautiful mushrooms that I purchased in the market. Trumpet Royale, we have some enoki mushrooms and shiitake, which are the most common Japanese mushrooms. So this time, we want to cut them in pieces and then they are going to cook easily and in the same time as the rice. We start with some shiitakes. Some white (?). This a great recipe for breakfast for the bento. Usually we cook it, we let it cool down and it's ready to put in the bento box and then reheated when it's need. This one we are going to cut in six pieces. And there we go, the mushrooms is inside. We are going to do white rice, and always remember to cook rice in the style that I'm looking for, it needs to be one part of rice and one part of, in this case, mushroom stock but just a slightly a little bit more that that. I'm going to use half a cup. I'm going to use a quarter more so it's three quarters of a cup and three quarters of a cup of mushroom stock.

As it sits up, we are going to use just a little bit more. So we mix it, with just a tiny bit of salt, and some soy sauce just to add a little bit of flavor. Now I'm going to bring it to a stop. Low heat, cover it up, I will set it 35-40 minutes, take it out, five minutes of rest, and the kamameshi is done.

So, this is the mushroom kamameshi done. As you can see, it's a little bit sticky because we cooked all the water out and we did such to be sticky, which is natural adjectives of the mushroom kamameshi. We are going to plate it up. This is a dish that can be eaten like this or it can be served in (?) woks. We serve it with a little bit of chives, a little bit of sashimi (?), which a serving spice, Japanese type of condiment and (?) I always like to put a little bit of (?) on top. So, this is mushroom kamameshi. Enjoy.

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