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How to Make Pickled Vegetables for Your Bento Box

Learn how to make pickled vegetables for your Japanese bento box in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


So what I'm going to show you now is how to do pickles. It can be for bento boxes or it can be eaten as a snack or at the beginning of the meal.

Here I have beautiful vegetables that I just prepped before some of them. As you can see they have nice carrots. Shitake mushrooms and I make a star on top. Green onions. I'm gonna use some celery which I use the inside part which is a little more tender and nicer. And we have like beautiful radishes.

So to start with the vegetables. I'm gonna bake some carrots. Stars, mushroom stars, some celery and I'm gonna cut the red radishes. You can do it as a slice, you can put in half. I'm gonna make it quarters because I want them to be the same size as the other ones so they pickle at the same time. So quarter of radishes.

And the first type is done. This is my vegetables I'm going to pickle. And now we are going for the second one. Basically, what I like to do for my pickling juice I like to use one part of rice vinegar, one part of water and half a part of sugar.

So in this case, I'm gonna start with the vinegar which I'm using some rice vinegar. I use rice vinegar or white wine vinegar because of the color. I don't wanna impart any color to the vegetables.

So I'm gonna do half a cup. And so I did the rice vinegar. And now I'm going with half a cup of water. We can do it by eye but this is the best way to do it so we know that it's perfect every time that we make it. Now I'll dry off a little bit the spoon.

And now I'm going to go with half part of sugar. I just mix a little bit the sugar. When I'm gonna heat it it's gonna dissolve. You can put a little bit of bay leaves so you make it a little more Mediterranean. Maybe a little bit of garlic to impart some flavors. But this is the way that I like to do it, Japanese style.

So now I'm going to heat it up. What we are looking for is to dissolve the sugar. Bring to boil and turn off the fire. And with that temperature is the right temperature that I need for my pickled vegetables.

Okay. So this is, this already bring to boil. And it simmer now as you can see. Usually I will try a little bit just to make sure that it's the right flavors that I'm looking for. That's perfect acidity, perfect sweetness. I think the vegetables are gonna be beautiful.

So vegetables in the bowl. I'm gonna add up the solution on top of them. And the best way to do it is have a plastic wrap. We wrap it up. In this case I'm gonna use another bowl to cover it so all the steam keep cooking them and all the rice vinegar and sugar solution staying inside and we pickle them.

So this is gonna be here for ten minutes and then I'll bring it into the refrigerator. We gonna leave it until tomorrow. And tomorrow we're gonna have our beautiful pickle vegetables that we can use for bento boxes for any snack.

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