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How to Make a Vegetarian Bento Box

Learn how to make a vegetarian bento box in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


So we are going to do a vegetarian bento. I'm gonna start with some of the mushroom kamameshi that I just prepared a few seconds ago. And we are going to put it in the compartment that it's gonna be easy to reheat. It's gonna be reheated but it also come with this cover on top that it will keep the moist and the warmth inside.

Bento boxes usually are these two parts of vegetables, oe part of starch and one part of protein. And we are gonna follow the same guideline.

So we start with some of the rice and the mushroom. Also is a really good tip knowing that in bento boxes it's really good to use leftover for that reason it's a great idea. If we know, we know what we can, we keep an eye on our diet. We know we that are eating healthy. We know how we are eating that meal the day before. So for that reason it's really a great idea using bento boxes.

So the rice is inside. I'm gonna use some tofu cubes as our protein. Remember that is fermented soy but it has a lot of protein because of the soy. A little bit of salt on top. Some sesame seeds. Some chives. And to give a little bit of flavor we can go a little bit with some soy sauce.

Also we are going to use some of the vegetables that were previously boiled in salt water. The salt it helps to keep the brightness of the colors, as you can see. I'm gonna go with some zucchinis, carrots, more carrots, shitake mushrooms, a piece of celery and also a piece of green onions.

So we have the first compartment that is going to be reheat up. And we're going, we're going to go to the second one. Using bamboo leaves to separate them. I'm gonna start with pickles. These are some really nice pickles that, you can use any type of vegetable. We can go Asian or any vegetable that you can find, find in your market. I go with some carrots, celery, mushrooms, zucchinis, sweet potatoes, red radishes, one more and some celery.

So that's one part of the second compartment. A little bit of bamboo leaves. We are going to add up the three (?) that Koji San previously made today. That they are made with brown rice. Let's go with only two. Another piece of bamboo. And we are gonna end up with the last thing that people are going to eat which is the fruits.

We have beautiful fruits. Some berries, some gooseberries, nashi pears, also pineapples. As I said, always remember two pieces of, the ratio of two, one, one. Two bento bowls. One is starch and one protein.

Some gooseberries, yamamomos, nashi pears, strawberries, some blueberries, two raspberries and I think that is enough.

So this is the second tier. So it's the first tier, the second one. And there we go.

This is our special bento box to enjoy. Thank you.

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