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How to Make Steak Teriyaki for Your Bento Box

Learn how to make Japanese steak teriyaki for your bento box in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


So now we're gonna make ribeye teriyaki which we can eat it over rice or we can do for bento box. We have a beautiful, as everyone can see a beautiful ribeye.

I'm gonna use half of it because bento box has, it can be four, six, eight compartment. So we don't want to do like a big portion of something. So I'm gonna use a third of it.

For the steak sea salt, which I like a lot, on top. Some freshly ground pepper on both sides. I already had the pan heating up. So this is a ribeye. We are gonna cook it and end up the dish with some brown rice and teriyaki sauce.

The pan is hot. I just put a little bit on the light. If you see it starting getting smoky. So I'm gonna just add up a film of canola oil. And we are going to shear this beautiful steak.

I would say for medium rare, I would cook it for two minutes on each side because of this kind of thing. For a bento box, if this is a dish that someone is gonna take it and is gonna eat it as a picnic or at anytime of the day, I would suggest you cook the meat well done.

That is already turning a like a nice color on the meat. So this is the way it's gonna look. The steak after cook for, I put it like three minutes on each side which is gonna be medium rare. So we need to let this one sit for three minutes or the meat dries. So all the juices get in the middle and we don't lose any of that beautiful juice inside.

The next step is how to make the teriyaki sauce. We have two parts of chicken stock, one part of soy sauce and one part of sugar. Everything goes into boiling. Thicken it up a little bit with some cornstarch and the sauce is ready.

This is the teriyaki sauce that we previously made. You have to see how thick it is so you can baste the meat.

So we start plating the dish. Some brown rice at the bottom. You can use any type of rice. The rice can, this one has been steamed. You can use steamed rice with some mushrooms, some any type of vegetables for more flavor. So that's the rice.

I'm gonna start now cutting the meat. When we cut we cut width first. We are serving in a bowl and second we are gonna eat it with chopsticks. You can see that beautiful color inside. We got the meat in bite size. Goes on top of the rice. And now we glaze with teriyaki sauce. The sauce is on. I'm gonna finish with some chopped chives, some sesame seeds and that's it.

This is our ribeye teriyaki made for bento boxes or to eat it as it is.

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