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How to Make Teriyaki Chicken for Your Bento Box

Learn how to make teriyaki chicken for your Japanese bento box in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


So, I'm going to show how to do a chicken teryaki for a bento box. First of all, we need to choose our chicken at the store. I got a really nice, natural chicken, basically organic. I'm going to use just the breast. You can also use the thigh, but I find that this is more safe to eat. So, as you see, I'm taking the skin off. It can be cut with the skin on, that depends on what flavor you prefer. This can be salted, peppered, and seared all together, or for quicker cooking time, we can cut it into strips so it's easier to cook. For a bento box, I'm going to use just half of it.

Just remember that a bento box has... I like to use five to six different types of preparations, so if I would use a whole one, it would be enough chicken for the box. As you see, I cut it into strips. This is going to go into a bowl, some salt and pepper, and we are ready to cook it. I like to use some sea salt, just a tiny bit of pepper, and this is called (?).

The pan already has the heat that I'm looking for. I'm going to add just a little bit of oil, in this case, canola, so that it makes just a thin film. Move the pan around so the oil covers the whole pan. Fire a little bit higher so it's hot, and then go in with my chicken. I think it's great when we can put the chicken on the hot surface of the pan so it doesn't loose temperature, and we can get a really nice, golden color around it. Once it gets color on one side, it's going to take one to two minutes, then we can go into the next step. So, this chicken is already done. I can see beautiful color all the way around, and we're going to use it for the chicken teriyaki. First step done. Second step is the chicken teriyaki sauce. We already have it prepped. Two parts chicken stock, one part soy sauce, on part sugar. It all goes to boil, and then we thicken it up with a little bit of cornstarch. So, basically, this is the sauce, after we boil it and thicken it up.

This plate, we can eat the way I'm going to prepare now, which is conducive for a bento box. We are going to use some brown rice on the bottom. The Japanese name for brown rice is genmai. Now, I add the chicken. This is a great recipe, we can do salmon, we can do chicken. Something I want to say is that teriyaki sauce has been taken in the United States, but in Japan, it's not widely consumed. So, rice, chicken, and teriyaki sauce on top. Just a light glaze of it so we have some dip to serve with the dish. We finish with some chives. Add something that I love on the chicken teryaki, which is sesame seeds, toasted sesame seeds. So, this is chicken teryaki, made for bento boxes, or eaten as is.

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