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How to Make Japanese Bento Boxes with Fernando Navas

Learn about chef Fernando Navas of SushiSamba, one of Howcast's experts in Japanese and Peruvian food, in this video.


[Music] Hi, this is Fernando Navas. I'm the career chef for Sushisamba Restaurants. I'm from (?), Argentina. I've lived here in New York for six years. Before coming to New York, I worked at Nobu restaurant in Miami. After that, I did a stretch at ElBulli, which is a renowned restaurant in the world. In Sushisamba, we are doing more than food. You see a different type of culture, which is Japanese, Peruvian, and Brazilian. If you go to our restaurant, you are going to listen to some great music from Brazil. Great cocktails from Japan. Some traditional culture from Peru. All we do (?) at Sushisamba. Changing just a few ingredients to make it unique. I'm going to be here today cooking a few dishes for you guys to enjoy and to practice at home.

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