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How Did Japanese Food Influence Peruvian Cuisine?

Learn how Japanese food influenced Peruvian cuisine in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


Peruvian food is great. It is a cuisine that is just coming out of, to the eyes of the world. Something that it wasn't quite known in different part of the world, and now it's getting a little bit of popularity through the ceviche. Which is a simple dish, raw fish cooked with some acidity from the lime, you can add some spice to it. And it's a very sexy dish.

The great thing about Peruvian cuisine, is that, they have different climates, different regions. We can go from the Amazon to the very rich ocean with a lot of plankton. So, in those different regions, you can have different ingredients, different animals. You have great chilies, which it makes very, for bold in flavors. And a lot of seasoning, like cumin, oregano, different type of grains that come from the mountains. Like quinoa, corns.

In Peruvian food we have 500 different type of, different type of potato that it's the only place in the world that it happens. What's happening in Peru that, in the beginning of the 1900s, a huge immigration coming from Asia. Mainly from China and Japan. This had made that, it create like a natural fusion of cultures, where they start mixing different type of cooking method and different type of ingredients. And based on the regions and the immigration, that what it makes Peruvian food so great.

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