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How to Make Wasabi & Tobiko for Your Bento Box

Learn how to make wasabi and tobiko, Gunkan style, for your Japanese bento box in this Howcast video with SushiSamba.


What are we going to do now is innovative gunkans with Washusi Samba. It's one of our signature gunkans. This is salmon with some wasabi tobiko.

Koji San is slicing the salmon. We're using a Scottish salmon previously cured with some salt and sugar and rinsed with rice vinegar. We see him dipping his fingers in the water so the rice doesn't stick to his hands and now molding the rice balls. You should keep in mind that always when we do sushi, we do it by pairs. This is the nori strips. He already cut it with one inch wide, and it's wrapping around the rice so that any ingredient that he put's on top, it doesn't fall off.

Gunkans is a Japanese word for battleships. This is a kind of sushi that's not one of the oldest ones, and it has been, I believe, at the beginning of the 1900s. It has been created so any of the ingredients that we use doesn't fall out of the rice.

He already rolled up the salmon. He put it inside of the gunkans, and now he's topping off a little bit with some wasabi tobiko for flavor, for texture, and as you guys can see, for color. He's going to end up a little bit with some micro chives on top, just to give them that chive flavor, which goes really well with the salmon. There we go. We have our salmon with wasabi tobiko topped with chives. This is innovative gunkan from Sushi Samba.

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