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How to Do the 1089 Number Office Magic Trick

Learn how to do the 1089 number trick from Magician Roger "Rogue" Quan in this office magic tricks revealed video from Howcast.


Rogue: Hey, Heather how you doing today?

Heather: Good, how are you?

Rogue: Good. Do you believe in psychic phenomenon?

Heater: I do.

Rogue:You do, I'm sure you'd believe a cool demonstration of psychic phenomenon. I just need a number, I guess between one and a thousand, a three digit number.

Heather: Um, 642.

Rogue: 642. You wanna change your mind or that's a good number? 642. I'm gonna actually ask you now to randomize this number. What is the reverse of 642?

Heather: Um, 246.

Rogue: 246. All right, let's subtract these numbers.

Heater: 642. 246. 396.

Rogue: 396?

Heather: Yeah.

Rogue: Actually, let's randomize some more. What's the reverse for 396?

Heather: 693.

Rogue: 693. And instead of subtracting them let's add them together. What number do you have for that? 396, plus 693.

Heather: 1089. One thousand 89.

Rogue: One thousand eight-nine. Totally random number, would you say?

Heater: Yep.

Rogue: Well, it's crazy. Before this uh, trick started, I wrote (?) on the back from last night, it happens to be 1089. Isn't that great?

Heather: That's crazy.

Rogue: Totally crazy.

Basically what you're going to do is have your spectator name any three digit number. You can tell them that zero's a no good, not a real number, and don't repeat the numbers, so let's just try, like 123. It can be any three digit number like I said, three different numbers. And you're going tell them you're going to randomize the number. What you're going to do then is basically you're going to reverse the number that they just named, which is 321. And you're going to put the larger number on top of the smaller one and you're going to subtract that number so it's best to have somebody ready with a calculator. In this case let's do this. 198, you tell them, you know what, let's randomize it a little bit more, which you have to do for the trick to actually work, you're going to reverse the new number, 198, which is 891, and this you're going to add, so first subtract, then you're going to add the two numbers together. And believe it or not, you almost always, I would say 95-98 percent, it would equal 1089.

And you're probably asking, what's the other number it could be? I would say 2 percent of the time it's going to be the number 99, in which case, you never want to look silly when you're doing a trick for somebody, so I would actually put a paper in my pocket in plain view, just in one pocket so they don't think you have a bunch of predictions all over the place, that says you will pick the number 99, just in case the number turns out to be 99, which is a very slim chance, but it'll either equal 1089, most of the time, or equal 99. I want you to have fun with this, this is amazing, any time there's paper around, pens, you can do this illusion, anytime, anywhere. Have fun and that's called the 1089 trick.

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