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How to Do the Rubber Pencil Office Magic Trick

Learn how to do the the rubber pencil trick from Magician Roger "Rogue" Quan in this office magic tricks revealed video from Howcast.


Rogue: Can I borrow your pencil for a second?

Heather: Sure.

Rogue: OK, I'll show you a really, really cool illusion. Check this out. So, it's pretty solid right the wood? But watch, you can actually, but wait is this made out of rubber?

Heather: Woah.

Rogue: I create.

Heather: It does look like it's rubber.

Rogue: It's awesome.

Heather: It is awesome... I wish it was rubber.

Rogue: I know, it's cool right. They actually sold joke pencils, rubber pencils at the magic shop. But this one is solid wood.

Heather: Yeah... Awesome.

Rogue: Thank you.

Okay, here's the explanation for the rubber pencil trick. This is very, very simple you can do this actually with any pencil, and what you need to is your gonna hold the pencil between your thumb and your index finger. And you're going to, just move it up and down. Retain pressure, with your finger, you don't want to squeeze it too hard otherwise it won't work. Bring them loose so it's actually swinging back and forth on your fingers. It looks like rubber, the illusion is perfect and you can do it for a little if your want. And this looks like it's just pure rubber, I like to do this and then drop it on a table and everybody swears that it's those pencils you buy from the magic shop. It actually working with pens, rubber pens, and also you can use a marker.

It just looks so rubbery, it's a beautiful illusion, it's been around for about 100 years. And you can also use like silverware like forks and knives, it's an amazing illusion, you can amaze and baffle people anytime you want. And that's the explanation for the rubber pencil.

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