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How to Do the Mind Reading Card Office Magic Trick

Learn how to do the mind reading card trick from Magician Roger "Rogue" Quan in this office magic tricks revealed video from Howcast.


Roger "Rogue" Quan: Okay, Heather. How about a card trick?

Heather: Cool.

Roger: All right. Cool. All I want you to do, Heather, is to take the deck and cut it anywhere you want. Very cool. I'm just gonna mark the cut, okay Heather? How fair was that? Did I force you to cut right there?

Heather: No.

Roger: No. You cut anywhere you wanted to, right?

Heather: Yeah.

Roger: All I want you to do is just take the card, memorize the card you cut to. All right? Got it? Put it right back on top. All right. I'm gonna attempt to read your mind. I want you to focus in on the card. Think of the card and nothing else, okay?

Heather: Okay.

Roger: The first time. What was the name of the card you cut to?

Heather: It was three of hearts.

Roger: That's exactly what I got.

Heather: That's awesome.

Roger: Thank you.

Okay, here's the secret to the Mind Reading card trick. It's a great mentalism effect that you can do using a regular deck of cards. The best thing to do is actually borrow a deck of cards. And when you borrow the deck, all you have to do is just peek at the top card. In this case, it's the eight of diamonds. And then, all you gotta do is just take the deck and shuffle it. But retain the top card. Again. Shuffle again if you want. Retain the top card like I said. So the top card is still the eight of diamonds.

Have them cut the deck anywhere they want. They can cut it anywhere they want. And you're going to mark the cut. Take this half and just mark the cut. And this is actually a force. You force the eight of diamonds on them. I'll show you how in a second. And you're gonna talk to them for a second. You'll say, "Was that fair? You could have cut anywhere you wanted to." This is called time misdirection.

Then you tell them to memorize the card they cut to. But, in reality, that's actually the top card, eight of diamonds. But since you talked to them they forget. And thus the term time misdirection.

One more time. You're gonna peek at the top card. Have them cut the deck. Mark the cut. Talk a little bit. And have them look at the card they cut to which is the top card. And all you have to do is just read their mind. You could write it down. You could tell them, "A red card, a diamond, it's a number card, eight of diamonds."

So have fun. Go out there and amaze people. That's the Mind Reading card trick.

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