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How to Break & Restore a Credit Card

Learn the broken and restored credit card magic trick from Magician Roger "Rogue" Quan in this office magic tricks revealed video from Howcast.


Roger "Rogue" Quan: Hey, Heather. Do you have a credit card I could borrow? I'll give it right back, actually. After I go shopping.

Heather: What will you do with it?

Roger: Wow, Chase. Nice. Watch. Here you go. You almost got a heart attack there. We call that broken and restored credit.

Heather: That was scary.

Roger: I know.

Okay, here's the explanation to the broken and restored credit card. This effect, you can use any credit card. I like to use other people's credit cards, so definitely I want you guys to practice this, because you don't want to break somebody's credit card by accident. That wouldn't be cool.

Basically, take a credit card. Right? Or, borrow a credit card. And you're going to hold it between your hands, thumb in the back, and you're going to do a little bit of bending. Really, really bend it. And when you're ready to break it, basically what you're going to do is, you're going to hold your thumbs on the edges of the card, and you're going to swing this back like this. Like that. So basically, you make that snapping sound. And from the front it looks like this, and you totally restore it instantly. So basically, from here to here. So from here to here. One more time. And that's the broken and restored credit card.

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