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How to Do the 8 & 9 Card Trick

Learn how to do the 8 and 9 card magic trick from Magician Roger "Rogue" Quan in this office magic tricks revealed video from Howcast.


Rogue: All right Heather. Something really quick with a deck of cards. I have here the eight and the nine. Take the cards. And I want you to put them anywhere you want inside the deck. Right there. Right there. Nice and fair. Buried inside the deck, correct?

Heather: Yup.

Rogue: All right. Please count to three for me.

[Both]: One, two, three.

Rogue: Just like that. Within the deck. The 8 and the 9.

Heather: That's awesome.

Rogue: Thank you.

Heather: [laughs]

Rogue: For this trick I'm going to need the nine of spades, eight of clubs, nine of clubs, and the eight of spades. And the secret behind this trick is that you never really tell them which nine and which eight it is, so it gets a little confusing for them at the end.

Basically what happens is you're going to put one of the eights on the top, and one of the nine on the bottom, and you're going to have the other eight and the other nine on top of the deck.

You're going to show them the eight and the nine but you don't tell them that it's the club and the spades. You don't tell them that it's the eight of clubs and the nine of spades. So you show them really quickly so they don't really know which one is which. They just know it's the black eight and a black nine.

You have them put the cards anywhere in the center of the deck. So now the situation is you have one of the different eights and one of the different nines on the top and bottom. To do your reveal you're going to squeeze the deck in your right hand and on the count of three you're going to, just keep squeezing, you're going to shoot one of the cards over. Basically what happens is, as you keep squeezing, it shoots out. It looks like it comes from the middle of the deck and that's basically a different and a different nine, but to them, they think they're the same card because in the beginning you didn't really mention which nine it was and which eight it was. And that's the explanation for the 'Eight and Nine' trick.

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