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How to Break a Pencil with an Index Card

Learn how to break a pencil with an index card from Magician Roger "Rogue" Quan in this office magic tricks revealed video from Howcast.


Rogue: Hey Heather guess what.

Heather: What?

Rogue: I used to be a ninja before I became a magician. No, I'm serious. I can turn any ordinary object into a weapon. Want to see a demonstration?

Heather: Okay. Should I be scared?

Rogue: Not really. Take this pencil. And it's pretty solid, right?

Heather: Yes.

Rogue: Do you think this index card could actually cut that in half?

Heather: No.

Rogue: No, right. Let's try. Hold that tight, though, hold it really, really tight. Here we go. On the count of three, Okay?

Heather: Okay.

Rogue: One...

Heather: ...One...

Rogue: ...Two...

Heather: ...Two.

Rogue: Three. Wow, I still got it.

Heather: Wow. That's crazy.

Rogue: And the best part about it, Heather, look watch this. Being a magician and all. Watch. Totally restored.

Heather: Shut up.

Rogue: Okay. This is a really, really cool item. This is breaking a pencil with an index card. You could actually use a carrot. If you want to break a carrot it's actually easier. Pencils, as you can see, can be a little bit painful. Also an index card, or you could use a bill. As long as the paper you're using is, I guess, as long as your finger at least because that's actually the secret.

Basically you're going to have somebody hold the pencil. Make sure they hold it really, really tight so it doesn't slip off their fingers. You're going to tell them, like I tell them that I'm a ninja by day and that I can turn any object into a secret weapon. Basically I'm going to tell them that I could break the pencil with an index card. So I go down one, two. On three I'm going to stick out my finger. I'm actually breaking the pencil with my first finger. Like I said, pencils hurt a little bit. If you use a carrot or something like that it's actually easier on the finger.

So that's the secret. Basically, on three. One, two, three - you stick out your first finger and when it comes down you put your finger back. You give them the index card - it's unharmed. And the pencil is broken - or the carrot. It's an amazing trick that you can do any time anywhere.

Have fun with breaking a pencil with an index card.

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