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How to Escape from Rubber Band Cuffs Office Magic Trick

Learn how to do the rubber band cuffs escape from Magician Roger "Rogue" Quan in this office magic tricks revealed video from Howcast.


Male 1: Hey Heather, how are you today?

Heather: Good.

Male 1: So really, really quick I got some rubber bands right here. All I want you to do is examine that and make sure it's normal. Are there any trap doors? Battery compartments or holes?

Heather: No.

Male 1: (?) drink. There's a hole right over here.

Heather: [laughs]

Male 1: Just kidding. Okay. Now, you have heard of handcuffs before, right? Well, these are rubber band cuffs. And you've taken science before. In science, can a solid object penetrate through another solid object?

Heather: No.

Male 1: This can't come through without breaking, correct?

Heather: No, it can't.

Male 1: Watch. It can't come out here, here, or here. Watch. All I want you to do is blow on it, just like that. (?) comes. Right. Through. I'll show you one more time. Hold it just like this. Okay. (?) Thumbs up. Get a great grip. Hold (?). Watch. Now. My rubber band is on your side? Or on my side?

Heather: My side.

Male 1: Okay, watch. This is my right, my left, and middle. Where do you want it to come out?

Heather: My right.

Male 1: Okay, your right. Okay. It can't come out any which way. Watch. You blow on it just like that. Here it comes.

Heather: [laughs]

Male 1: Thank you.

You're going to have the first band on your left hand. Or reversed if you're a righty. Whatever. And, you know, you're going to have the other one right behind it with the first finger and the thumb. ... So situations like this. And you stretch it out a couple of times. For the penetration, you're going to come down with your right hand. And the middle finger of the right hand is going to pinch the rubber band on the top of the right hand. So it doesn't come off. And then the first finger of the right hand goes into the gap of the band. And as you come back, you let go of the middle finger, and it looks like it went right through.

And you could actually make the motions again. So it looks like it's still inside. And whenever you want, you can rub the middle, straight to blow on, or snap their fingers. And it looks like it comes right through. And the same goes with when the spectator's actually holding it. Put their first fingers and thumbs up. You're going to put your rubber band right behind it. And all the moves are the same. The pinch, insert, come back let go, and the reveal.

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