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How to Add Beads to a No-Sew T-Shirt Necklace

Learn how to make a no-sew necklace out of an old t-shirt with designer Jennifer Wiese in this Howcast video, part 4 of a 5-part series.


Okay, to make our beaded necklaces, we're going to start with our strips. We've already stretched them out so that the ends are curling in on themselves, and to add the beads, we need to go ahead and cut off the seams in our necklace. This will open up both sides so that we can string the beads on, and now we're ready.

Now if you're using a bead with a bigger opening, like a pony bead, it should be pretty easy just to go ahead and thread this through. The beads that we're using today, which are these really cute glass beads, they have a little bit of a smaller opening, so if you're working with a bead that has a smaller opening, you want to use something to thread the beads onto your T-shirt strips. So to do that, you can use a needle threader, you can use something like a paperclip, you might even be able to use a pipe cleaner, and you're just going to go ahead and take your threading tool, put it through the end of your fabric, keeping very close to the edge. You don't want it so close that it's going to pull right through the fabric, but you don't want it too far away because once you thread it through the bead it's going to make a big lump that won't be able to fit through the hole.

So, once you have your needle threaded on your fabric, you'll go ahead and fold it over, or your paperclip, your wire, and you're going to take your beads, and thread them through. Now you might have to do a little pulling, and there we go. Because these beads have a smaller opening, they're really going to stick on the T-shirt, wherever I put them, so it's really a good idea to kind of space them out in different areas, mix colors, it'll make for a really interesting necklace. All right, so I'm going to add a second color bead, and I'm going to do this dark purple next to this lighter purple to make for an interesting necklace. So we just want to, again, thread our bead through, using whatever tool you have around, and pull your bead on. So, you know, have fun with it, you can put your beads right up against each other, I could do a symmetrical necklace, I can do the same design, so just have fun with it, and you'll make something beautiful.

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