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How to Pull & Knot Fringe for a No-Sew T-Shirt Scarf

Learn how to make a no-sew scarf out of an old t-shirt with designer Jennifer Wiese in this Howcast video, part 3 of a 3-part series.


Now that you've cut all the strips on your scarf, the next thing we need to do is pull our fringe.

Now in doing this, we're just going to take a single piece of our fringe, note that because our T-shirt is, the width of the shirt, it is a continuous loop, so when you lie this down you're just going to pick up one side, and not the underside as well, so pick up one and just kind of tug on it a little.

When you do this, the fabric is going to want to curl in on itself, and this is going to help eliminate any imperfection that you may have in your cutting. So you go all the way around and just pull each strip, one by one, until you get to your starting point, like so. Now another thing that you can do for some stylized fringe is you can add knots to them.

Lay out your scarf, take a piece of fringe, and make a little loop with your finger, you want to pull the end or the tail of the fringe through your little loop , and depending on where you want the knot to be, you will push the knot into that location. So I want the knot to be close to the neckline here, so that the fringe hangs down off of the knot, so all I'm going to do is kind of wriggle it into place, pushed along, and pull.

Now I'm going to leave my knots a little bit loose, it makes for a little bit of a chunkier knot, which I like on my scarf.

And then if you want to make a knot at the bottom, you'll do the same process, you'll go ahead and make a loop around your finger, and you'll pull the tail end of your fringe through, but this time instead of pushing the knot towards the neckline, you're going to push it towards the bottom of your fringe like so. And so now you have a knot near the bottom of your fringe, and you can see the difference in the two fringes here.

So we're just finishing up tying up all of our fringe on our no sew T-shirt scarf, and it's looking really cute, one last one, going to go ahead and just push that knot all the way to the top of the fringe, and there you have it, our completed no sew T-shirt scarf, makes a great summertime accessory.

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