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How to Prep the Ribbon for No-Sew Tulle & Ribbon Tutu

Learn to make a no-sew tutu from ribbon and tulle with designer Jennifer Wiese in this Howcast video, part 1 of a 3-part series.


Okay. So now let's get started making out tutu. Here on the table we have our tool, a very lovely combination of purple and pink, which is going to be adorable, and a nice black satin ribbon. Now, our ribbon is about an inch and a half wide. I would say stay between an inch and an inch and a half to tie around the recipient of your tutu.

And the first thing that we're going to do is measure and prep this ribbon to make the tutu. So to do that you want to put it around the waist of your child, and just mark where the tutu portion is going to start and stop. So to do that, simply go ahead and take it, put it around your child's waist. You want about a 30 inch long tail. The longer the better. You can always cut it off at the end if it's too long.

So you're going to put it around the waist, and just kind of mark with your fingers where you want the tutu to start and stop. So on me, it's about here. You can then just kind of keep your fingers on it, and then from here, go ahead and tie two knots to signify where the tutu will start and stop. So to do that, all I'm going to do is make a very simple overhead knot. We'll make a loop. We'll pull the tail through the loop, keeping to where my finger still is remaining on this spot. So go ahead and pull. There's our first marker.

Now, the whole time I've kept my hand on the other side, so you can go ahead and do the same thing. Make a loop and pull your tutu ribbon through. If you have a hard time keeping a handle on the ribbon, you can always take a marker and mark these two spots and then tie your knots. Then, what you want to do is measure about, again, 30 inches on the other side of the tutu and cut the ribbon off the spool. When you cut it, I recommend cutting at about a 45 degree angle. And this angle will help keep the ribbon from fraying while you're working with it.

And that's how you prep your ribbon to make the tutu. So let's go ahead and get started making the actual poof.

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